About the Poker Run

What is a Poker Run?

The Official Definition

A Poker run (also known as a Poker Derby), is an organized event using a motorcycle, boat, car or other form of transportation where participants travel over a predesignated route and, at designated stops on the route, draw playing card(s). The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. Prizes (usually cash prizes) are awarded for the best hand; some runs will award smaller awards for lower hands. Poker runs usually require a fee to enter; part of the fee goes to funding the event (including the prizes), while the rest goes to the event’s cause (usually a charity of some sort). Specific rules and details vary, depending on the event. Moreover, each participant will be responsible to maintain the integrity of their cards during the run.

What is the Lake Chelan Poker Run?

We are a group of boat enthusiast that conduct a poker run on Lake Chelan. We meet at the Mill Bay Boat Launch, where the event starts, we then travel to 5 stops on Lake Chelan, via our boats. An envelope is collected at each stop by the participant. The participant holds on to these cards, unopened, until the final stop is reached. Here all cards are returned to the Poker Run Staff and their cards are tallied and the winner is determined by the person with he best 5 card poker hand.

The basic itinerary of the Lake Chelan Poker Run is as follows:

Friday Night Street Show, Registration & Welcome Party in Downtown Manson:
5:00 pm ~ Street Show Parking Opens
6 – 9 pm ~ Registration – Outside My Buddy’s Place
9 pm – Close ~ Welcome Party @ My Buddy’s Place

Saturday – THE RUN:
8:30 – 10:30 am ~ Breakfast @ the Clubhouse
10:30 am ~ Mandatory Driver Meeting
11:30 am – 3 pm ~ The Run w/ Lunch @ Lucerne
3 – 4 pm ~ Turn Cards in @ Clubhouse
6:30 – 8:30 pm ~ Dinner, Door Prize & Costume Contest
8:30 – 9 pm ~ Winners Awarded & 50/50 Raffle Winner Presentations
10 pm – Close ~ After Hours Party @ My Buddy’s Place

Sunday Fun-Day ~ Unorganized Boating & Floating